More details of key characters

A couple of the confirmed characters.
A couple of the confirmed World Of Warriors characters.

More details have emerged of some of the extraordinary characters that will feature in Mind Candy’s new game, World of Warriors. These are likely to translate into some epic toys.

Historic fighters range from Aztecs and Vikings to Celts, Apaches, Gladiators and many more. Mind Candy’s founder Michael Acton Smith has said: “we see this game somewhere between Game Of Thrones meets Pokemon.”

Watch out for comics, trading cards, magazines and kids clothing hitting retailer’s shelves throughout 2015 and beyond.

World of Warriors set to inspire toy range

World of Warriors is described as “an epic combat strategy game with a unique skill element drawing from history’s greatest warriors”. Like the phenomenally successful Moshi Monsters that preceded it, toys will be at the forefront of this property’s evolution.

These are likely to include collectable figurines, soft toys, action figures, jigsaws and other gifts and gadgets. Negotiations are already taking place with prominent toy suppliers who will likely pay huge sums to gain the merchandising rights.

Mind Candy’s newest property unveiled

Official Mind Candy Logo
Official Mind Candy Logo

Unveiled at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo in June 2014, the world’s gaming fraternity were introduced to Mind Candy’s newest property, World Of Warriors.

The company’s supremo Michael Acton Smith hasĀ  described the property as “Game of Thrones meets Pokemon” – and if it can attract even half the interest of those two brands, we know it’s going to be massive.

Initially launching on iOS and Android mobile platforms late 2014, the format of the game stunned the show’s potential licensors who saw it as a huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what is likely to be a massive range of spin-off products.

Official World Of Warriors Logo
Official World Of Warriors Logo